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Me: “Hey hon, check it out — the NHL just awarded a franchise to Seattle. The blogosphere is a pretty empty canvas in terms of content for the new team. Somebody should start a fan site.”

Wife: “YOU’RE going to start a fan site.”

Me: “No, I’m not starting a fan site… Do you know how much time that will take?”

It was with those words back in the early part of 2019 that the seed that would eventually grow into Jet City Ice began to germinate.

I partnered with a swear-to-God writer, Erick Mertz; my wife Meg assumed copy editor duties, and after some wrangling with hosting and social media and site name selection and logo design, we were live in July of that year — knowing full well that there wouldn’t be a team for at least 18 months, and no games for more than 2 full years. Somehow we would have to keep readers’ interested and returning to the site during that time.

Well, we succeeded. We posted more than 100 articles over the last 27 months, and brought in tens of thousands of unique visitors, doing our part to help grow a fan base in a city that hadn’t had a professional hockey team in several decades.

But now, we must say goodbye. This will be my last article for Jet City Ice, and with my departure it’s time to close up shop.

Sometimes the thing you try is about the thing itself; but sometimes, often without you even realizing, the thing is really about forging a path to something bigger and better. That is what has happened here, and I’ll be able to tell you about my next adventure soon enough. You’re not losing me, I’m just switching lanes on the Seattle Kraken highway. Lots more traffic where I’m going, and you’re going to be invited too.

So this is where I first say a big “Thank you” to my co-founders, Erick and Meg, who encouraged me to make this crazy idea a reality. It has been great working with you two, you’ve encouraged me and helped in ways you don’t even know. Thank you both very much.

And of course, our sincere thanks to the many readers who have stopped in for a visit from time to time. We hope you’ve enjoyed the material, and we hope you’ll follow us as we move on to other pursuits.

So one last time, all together now:


Author: Tim Currell

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