Privacy Policy

So apparently this is a thing, we have to have a Privacy Policy page.

Normally I’m sure this would contain a few hundred paragraphs of legal gobbledy-gook, intentionally burying the fact that we are after your dog’s Social Security Number, and when we get it we’re going to sell it to Canadian terrorists who will trash Fido’s credit rating and then apologize.

But we don’t need any of that. Here’s our Privacy Policy.

We are not collecting data. Not here, not through social media, and not via your browser. If we find out that we are accidentally collecting any data on you, we’ll stop immediately, and beat the shit out of whoever is responsible.

Any collection of data on you is done by our web host, the social media sites, and the company who built your browser. So if you need any more information about what they’re doing, go ask them. We have no idea.