The Double-Edged Sword

The best thing about this here series of tubes is that its interactive. We post stuff, you can post your thoughts about our stuff, other people can post their thoughts about your thoughts about our stuff, and on and on.

This is also, however, the worst thing about this here series of tubes. Or at least, it can be. It’s a double-edged sword: the freedom that allows people to be shining beacons of hope and goodness also gives them the opportunity to be bastard-coated bastards with bastard filling.

We encourage the former. We will not tolerate the latter. And that’s where a “Comment Moderation Policy” becomes necessary. So here goes.

Rule #1: Be nice.

Rule #2: If you are thinking about not being nice, please review Rule #1.

If you’re not being nice, your comment won’t be posted, or will be removed. That’s pretty much it. We’ve intentionally left this broad, allowing us a very wide swath of flexibility when it comes to administering this policy.

We haven’t required that people register and sign in before posting comments. As long as people continue to be nice, we’ll keep it that way. Please remember, however: that can change at any time.

What we don’t want to have to do is turn off comments completely. That’s the Nuclear Option, and we’ll resist going there as long and as vigorously as we can manage while still retaining our sanity. But if necessary, we’ll press the big red button and turn it all to dust.

See, we aren’t some corporate behemoth that can afford self-monitoring software, or bludgeon interns to do it for 16 hours a day, or hire an offshore service to handle the dirty work. We’re just regular people doing this for the love of the team and to quench that thirst that both you and we have to be obsessive-compulsive uber-fans. And that means we can’t spend hundreds of hours a week keeping a watchful eye on your latest attempt to squeeze the Nynorsk phrase for “mealy-mouthed muppet-fucker” somewhere inside your comment.

We have a tremendous opportunity to have some serious fun on this site, while also being a part of a historic event in sports history. In order to keep the fun open and available to everyone, express your differing opinion without name-calling, insulting, or otherwise being a pain in the ass.

Or we’ll turn this car around right now.


The Management