Who are these clowns?

Tim Currell: Co-Founder, Writer, Code Monkey. Toronto born and Chicago raised, Tim is a transplant to the Pacific Northwest since 2012. He started skating at age 2, played amateur hockey from age 8 to 18, began writing for hockey blogs when blogs first became popular, and was part of the launch and success of the Cheer The Anthem fan blog during the Chicago Blackhawks’ recent championship runs.

Toronto natives can never shake being Leafs fans once it’s in their blood, and being part of the pandemonium on Michigan Avenue during the first parade in 2010 cemented his loyalty to the Blackhawks as well. That aside, the arrival of a new NHL franchise is a momentous chapter in the NHL’s long and storied history, and everyone expects Tim to commit to Seattle’s NHL team just as obsessively as his other two loves.

Tim has a job, which is tremendously inconvenient and gets in the way of all of his fun here on Jet City Ice. His wife (see below), three grown children, and Irish Red and White Setter are all hopeful that this site will serve as a way to express his feelings in a constructive manner, and perhaps reduce the amount of time he spends yelling at referees and throwing things at the television.

Erick Mertz: Co-founder, Writer. Erick is a lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest and what may be described mildly as a “rabid” sports fan. Among his first hockey memories is of the upstart Calgary Flames ousting the Montreal Canadiens to win the 1989 Stanley Cup.

Actually, that memory is more linked to Lanny McDonald’s impressive mustache.

On the off chance Erick is not conjuring up stories and mad capped theories about his favorite sports franchises, he enjoys beer and listening to music. He is a fiction author, specializing in Northwest based paranormal mystery. You can read about that here.

Meg Currell: Co-founder, Editor, Writer. Meg bears some culpability in the existence of this endeavor, having introduced her husband Tim to Erick. Meg, a writer of short and long fiction, essay, and formerly a theatre critic (link https://bit.ly/2wcIRts ), met Erick at a writer’s conference. They talked sports into the wee hours of the morning.

Meg grew up in Chicago, where she met Tim, watched him lose in the finals of the state hockey championship, and fell in love with the beautiful sport of hockey. When they married, she vowed not to become a hockey widow, and watched countless games, went to multiple Blackhawks Prospect Camps, and listened to Tim quote stats about the players the Hawks SHOULD have gotten instead of Nick Fucking Leddy. Her all-time favorite player, to this day, is Marian Hossa.

She’s tagging along for the occasional article, a light editorial touch, and the belly laughs from listening to these two mooks do their best Bob Uecker and Don Cherry.